The Production Designer will be in charge of the look of the film, working with the Director to achieve this. This will involve everything around set-design, props and locations. There will not be any set-construction as such, but certain locations may need to be rearranged to suit the film’s needs. You will also keep an eye on things such as set and prop continuity. You will be in charge of finding and keeping track of all props, but we hope to find a dedicated props person to help with this.

You need to be a creative and organised person who can make things look great on a limited budget. It would be very helpful if you knew London well and where to source props and set-elements at the best rates. You will probably need access to a car or some form of transport.

We will consider film students and people who need an opportunity to build up their experience.



Filming dates are 10 – 14 December as well as roughly 12 January – 20 February (final schedule is still being set and may vary slightly). We would prefer to have the same person across the whole timeframe of the production, but if you can only do some of the dates we will still consider you. If this is the case, then please let us know from when to when you are able to be with us. Priority will be given to anyone who can do the whole production.

The Production Designer would need to start working on this immediately in a pre-production capacity. We won’t stop you doing other jobs and a lot of the pre-production work you can do from home. But once we enter actual production we will need you on set with us and those will be full days.


You will receive a Production Designer/ Art director credit on the film and on IMDB. You will get 1% of profit share in the film (if you can only do certain dates, that 1% will be shared with the other PD’s).  We cannot pay a money-fee, but all your costs in relation to the film will be covered. Taking this into account we will accept students and people who need to build up their experience.

APPLY: Please send an email to with the subject “Production Designer”.

Include your CV and any relevant experience you may have. Let us know which dates you can do

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